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2010 Gen5 Merlot Wine Review

Wanted to try something new, and decided on the 2010 Gen5 Merlot from Clarksburg and glad we did. Twist cap and great right out of the bottle. Cherry and plum flavors and a light smooth finish. Let it breath 15-20 mins and it will make a difference. For under $20 this is a very good wine.

The XPRT wine review rating 90 out of 100.



2010 Radius Washington State Merlot Wine Review

Came across something new at our local wine store. While I am not a regular of Washington State wines, this one is actually very good. Produced and bottled by Radius Wines in Walla Walla, WA.

It is definitely a little sweeter than your typical merlot and does not need a whole lot of time to breath.

With its sweet cherries, plum and vanilla aroma it is definitely worth a try. We paid under $15 for it.

TheXPRT wine review rating 87 out of 100.




2005 Marques de Casa Concha Chilean Merlot Wine Review

This was the last bottle in local wine store in Newport Beach. Retail was $19.99 so thought we would take it to an Italian restaurant. First and foremost, let it breath. This one had been setting for a while and 20 mins open made a huge difference.

You can definitely taste the hint of chocolate and vanilla which are both extremely strong when first opened but balanced out well after breathing for about 20 minutes. From the Rapel Valley in Chile this limited production Merlot should have been a lot more.
Pass on this one of you see it.

TheXPRT wine review rating 82 out of 100.



2007 B & G (Barton & Guestier) Reserve Merlot

I had not heard of this vineyard before but wanted to give it a try during the holidays.

Sourced from the Languedoc region in France, this wine had a somewhat jammy nose with a oaky very delicate finish.

Unless you find it for a great price I would probably pass on this one.

TheXPRT Wine Review Rating – 79 out of 100.



2009 Line 39 North Coast Merlot Wine Review

I had heard of this vineyard previously. The great thing about St. Helena and as noted on the bottle with this vineyard, it is on the 39th parallel. Many of the great wine growing regions of the world are found along this line.

Upon first opening the bottle we definitely got a hint of the black cherry they mention. While I am looking for the black plum they call out on the label I got more of light peppery flavor, just a hint though. Paired this merlot with a honey butter pork tenderloin dish and it went very well as I would expect it would with most meat dishes. It had a somewhat intense start but a very good finish. Give it a try if you have a chance and tell us what you think. It was just under $15 at our local wine store.

Overall TheXPRT Rating – 81 out of 100


Check out their website at http://www.line39wines.com

2006 Andretti Napa Valley Merlot Wine Review

If you get a chance, you have to stop by the Andretti Winery in Napa Valley. The wine takes its inspiration from the distinguished career of its namesake and founder, Mario Andretti. We purchased this 2006 Merlot on our most recent trip to the vineyard. While a little off the beaten path in Napa it is well worth the stop. Most of these wines will be fruit forward, well balanced and have a great finish. This particular Merlot did not let us down. We paired it with a great grilled ribeye and it was fantastic. With a long and smooth finish we will definitely be purchasing more in the future.

While around $25 a bottle it is well worth the stop.

Overall TheXPRT Rating – 83 out of 100


2007 St. Francis Sonoma County Merlot

This one snuck up on us. Purchased this 2007 merlot on a recommendation. Glad we took the recommendation, this wine has a great start and a very smooth finish. We purchased this at our local wine store for around $15 and it was well worth it. We paired it with a spicy pasta dish and it was spectacular. With a note of generous fruit, hints of chocolate and a mouth filling finish you can’t go wrong. Buy this one if you see it.

Overall TheXPRT Rating – 91 out of 100


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