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2009 Line 39 North Coast Merlot Wine Review

I had heard of this vineyard previously. The great thing about St. Helena and as noted on the bottle with this vineyard, it is on the 39th parallel. Many of the great wine growing regions of the world are found along this line.

Upon first opening the bottle we definitely got a hint of the black cherry they mention. While I am looking for the black plum they call out on the label I got more of light peppery flavor, just a hint though. Paired this merlot with a honey butter pork tenderloin dish and it went very well as I would expect it would with most meat dishes. It had a somewhat intense start but a very good finish. Give it a try if you have a chance and tell us what you think. It was just under $15 at our local wine store.

Overall TheXPRT Rating – 81 out of 100


Check out their website at http://www.line39wines.com

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