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Kirkland Signature Series 2009 Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Review

We continue to be pleased with the Kirkland Signature Series line of wines. This was new in our local Costco store this past week and was under $15 for the bottle. As in most of our recent purchases this was a very good bottle of wine. This is definitely a heavy cab with distinct notes of black cherries. There is that hint of spice, vanilla and cedar. Be sure and let it breath for a good 20-30 minutes or drink it the minute you open it, either way you won’t be disappointed.

The XPRT wine review rating 90 out of 100.



2009 Kirkland Signature Series Amador County Grandmere Old Vine Zinfandel Wine Review

The Kirkland Signature Series of wines have definitely been some of our favorites, but this new one from Amador County will not be one of the top on our list.

While we are big fans of Zinfandels in our household and this wine boasts of being produced from vines over 50 years old it left quite a bit to be desired.

From the time we opened it and poured the first glass you could definitely taste the raspberry, cherry and chocolate in the wine.

Probably will pass on this one the next time we are in Costco.

The XPRT wine review rating 85 out of 100.



2009 Kirkland Signature Series Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

We purchased this wine at our local Costco for $19 assuming since it said Signature Series it would be good and we were right.

As noted on the bottle this wine has a great structure. You definitely can taste the black cherry and dark chocolate that lead to a great finish.

We will definitely will be purchasing another bottle of the Cabernet and look for others in the Signature Series line. Be sure and pick a bottle up if you see it in the store.

TheXPRT Wine Rating – 91 out of 100



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