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2008 Longboard Merlot from Dakine Vineyard

Truth up front, bought this wine cause the label looked cool and the local wine reviewer had given it over 90 points.

Great label, great wine. Let it breath for a while, 20 mins or so and it makes a good difference. For an ’08 merlot bottled from the Russian River Valley this was a great wine all the way around.

The label says “wine waves and soul” and this wine has each of those. A great balance, smooth taste and great finish. Paired it with a creamy pasta dish and it was perfect. At well under $20 definitely worth a try.

The XPRT wine review rating 90 out of 100.



2008 Stags’ Leap Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Review

We have had this previously but only in restaurants and usually at over $80 a bottle. I came across this bottle at just under $40 at our local wine store, certainly did not want to pass up the opportunity.

Stags’ Leap has been around since 1893 and always made great wines. This particular vintage came from their 240 acre wine estate in the Napa Valley.

On the nose, layers of black fruit notes with aromas of cola, clove, coffee and black pepper are immediately evident. Taste it, and the flavors of blackberry, black cherry, anise, black tea and dark chocolate are revealed.

If you see it at $40 or less you should definitely pick it up.

TheXPRT wine review rating 90 out of 100.



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