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2006 Andretti Napa Valley Merlot Wine Review

If you get a chance, you have to stop by the Andretti Winery in Napa Valley. The wine takes its inspiration from the distinguished career of its namesake and founder, Mario Andretti. We purchased this 2006 Merlot on our most recent trip to the vineyard. While a little off the beaten path in Napa it is well worth the stop. Most of these wines will be fruit forward, well balanced and have a great finish. This particular Merlot did not let us down. We paired it with a great grilled ribeye and it was fantastic. With a long and smooth finish we will definitely be purchasing more in the future.

While around $25 a bottle it is well worth the stop.

Overall TheXPRT Rating – 83 out of 100



2006 Beringer Central Coast Syrah

Beringer started making great wines in 1876, worth the stop at the winery in Napa Valley if you are there. This wine we purchased at under $20 was spectacular. From Beringer’s Central Coast vineyards this Syrah is crafted in a rich style that delivers ripe berry flavors and a hint of spice.

We would highly recommend this wine with a pairing of a spicy pasta dish or beef.

Overall TheXPRT Rating – 86 out of 100


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